Monday, January 7, 2013

Dear Readers: Comment Love Group

Dear Readers:

So I was sitting around looking at my sad blog with no comments on any of my posts and I was wondering what I could do to change that.
I post my reviews on Crazy Book Sluts Facebook account and twitter account. I comment on other peoples blog's but it doesn't seem to be working out the way I planned.

With that said I will continue to do the above things because I enjoy it, but.......... bam! It came to me.... a comment group of sorts. Now I know this is not a new idea and that many groups of this nature are around the blogging world but what's one more?

Here is the stupid rule.
{ at least there is only one}

If you are a part of the comment group you must leave 3-5 comments on each of the other blog's in the group a week. Of course I do not have the time to go and check that you hold up to this end of the deal but if you don't comment don't expect others to come show you any love. If it is brought to my attention or I happen to notice your not showing the comment love than I will remove your blog from this list. Trust me, I know things come up and blogging has to go on the back burner. No one understands that more than me..... remember in my real life I'm a mommy to 4 young boys!

Let's just have a good time and share some comment love with one another.

Okay now I am going to hit publish and hope this is not a dud! Maybe if you sign up you can share the news with a friend or two to help spread the word   ( but only if you really, really, really, really want to! I mean you want to, right?) Sign up below!

Until next time... Happy Reading!

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