Friday, November 18, 2011

Dear Readers: 2012 Reading Challenges

Dear Readers:

TGIF!!! And not a moment to soon, right?

Today's question is brought to you by the year 2012.

What reading challenges will you be partaking in this upcoming year? Are you scaling back or taking on more?

I would love to see ( and be linked) to the challenges you are either hosting or taking part in... please??!?!

Crazy Book Slut is hosting a new one this year...
I hope you all { or at least some} will be signing up??

I am also going to be partaking in
hosted by The Book Vixen

I plan on signing up for a few more just need to weed out the ones that worked for me this year and the ones that didn't... stay tuned!

On the note of ones that did not work for me this year, Once Upon a Time. I made this one and I just fell short this year on it. My reading "likes" changed and this challenge no longer "fits". I will not be hosting it again this year.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Until next time...Happy Reading!


Jessica said...

I am planning on being involved in more challenges this year. I am already signed up for the DAC 2012, and I am hosting a Paranormal Romance Series challenge for 2012 on Book Bound. Other than that, I am keeping my eyes open for more. I would like to join 5 this year. :)

Book Dragon said...

I thought to join fewer challenges this year but as I joined over 16 for 2011, that shouldn't be too hard.

Sport Romance? Oh, like "The Perfect Play" or "Changing the Game" by Jaci Burton.

sigh, count me in.....linking up in December