Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Readers: Pick My Next Series

Dear Readers,

Today I am here to ask you a small favor. It is an easy favor, one that won't take but a moment of your time. A favor that is very important, so important that I am putting my reading for the next month in your hands. Are you ready????

I need you all to pick my next series to read, see simple enough, right?
I will admit that I am ashamed that I have not read a few of these series yet, but I am hoping to correct that problem.
Please pick one ( your favorite) series for me to read? Have you read one of these series that you believe *might* be a waste of time, or more nicely said... not your cup of tea?

Here are the series I have narrowed it down to. You can either give the number of the series or you can type the whole series out.

1. Fever Series: Karen Marie Moning
* Dark Fever
*Blood Fever
*Fae Fever
*Dream Fever
*Shadow Fever
2. Highland Guard Series: Monica Mccarty
* The Chief
* The Hawk
* The Ranger
3. Immortals After Dark Series: Kresley Cole
* A Hunger Like No Other
*No rest for the Wicked
* Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night
* Dark Need at Night's Edge
* Dark Desires After Dusk
* Kiss of a Demon King
* Dreams of a Dark Warrior
4. Vegas Vampires: Erin McCarthy
* High Stakes
* Bit the Jack Pot
* Bled Dry
* Sucker Bet
5. Vampire Academy Series: Richelle Mead
* Vampire Academy
* Frostbite
* Shadow Kisses
* Blood Promise
* Spirit Bound
* Last Sacrifice

So there you have it my dear readers, what series should I read first???

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Happy Reading!


Kim said...

I loved the Erin McCarthy ones, so that's what I'm voting for. Have you read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series yet??

Nora Chambers said...

I haven't read any of those series...but I voted for

2. Highland Guard Series: Monica Mccarty

Because it looks the most like something I would be interested in 8)

Cammie said...

I also have not read any of those but I do have the Vampire Academy ones. Can I toss out some that are not on your list?

House of Night Series, or The Hunger Games

Anonymous said...

I've had Vampire Academy on my shelves for years, but I just never found the time to read them. Well, a few weeks ago I started reading the first book and finished the rest of the series in under two weeks (for me six books in two weeks is amazing)! I regret not reading these books sooner!

I've never read the other series listed here, but Vampire Academy is a MUST read. I suggest you read them as soon as possible.

Diana (Book of Secrets) said...

I've read the first book of Kresley Cole's series, and I loved it! Though Monica McCarty's Highlander series looks good too. I have that one in my TBR pile.

Jenn said...

The Moning Series. I want to read it. Other books of hers I've read have been really enjoyable.

Although the Highland Guard series looks yummmmmy. *drools* But I have a thing for Highlanders lol