Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Highland Guardian: Review

Highland Guardian
(Daughters of the Glen, Book 2)
by Melissa Mayhue

Sarah Douglas is a successful romance novelist who's come to Scotland hoping to overcome her writer's block and to come to terms with her strange ability to sense the emotions of everyone she touches. But from the moment she arrives, her problems only intensify. From the stalker- who might be only a figment of her imagination- to her attraction to the darkly handsome owner of the cottage she's rented, nothing goes as she had planned.

Ian McCullough is neck-deep in his own trouble. A half-mortal descendant of Faeries, he's been a Guardian for more than six hundred years, but he's never encountered a woman like Sarah. Assigned to protect her, he finds the job tougher than he could have imagined. Oh, he can handle the stalker, and even the renegade Faeries trying to kidnap her. But falling in love means forsaking his role as Guardian — which is some-thing he could never do.

But there is no denying the passion that exists between two souls fated to be together.

First Line: " The threat is over."

Favorite Line(s): n/a

My Review: Another wonderful book written by Melissa Mayhue in the series of Daughters of Glen. Good thing about this book is it doesn't matter if you read it out of order. The story is free standing, is not tied in with the first book in the series ( although you should read that one as well). I love the loyalties you find in this book, not only with family but with friends. This story takes place in present time so you won't be reading about any time traveling but Melissa has a way of making you think... "what if" or "maybe it's true". The relationship between Ian and Sarah is endearing throughout the whole story and hot when needed. They made a believable couple.

My Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
354 pages

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This sounds like a good book. I love reading your reviews, esp since we have similar taste ;)