Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweet Angel Baby

Today would have been my due date for our 4th child. A child I was not blessed enough to hold in my arms, but was blessed to have had for the short time I was pregnant. So today I will be sharing a song and a book in honor of our sweet angel baby " Cameron" who we will one day hold in our arms. This baby will forever be ours and I believe "Cameron" will head up the welcoming committee when it is our time to go Home... until than my sweet angel, you are never far from my heart

I Didn't Know my Own Strength- Whitney Houston

I was not built to break, I got to know my own strength!

Love You Forever by Robert N. Munsch

I'll love you forever,

I'll like you for always,

As long as I'm living

my baby you'll be.


Until next time...
Happy Reading!



Shana said...

(((()))) I don't know how you do it. You are one strong mama and it's wonderful how you can see the positive in things.

btw Love you forever is one of my FAVORITE books. I cry every time I read it to the kids

Anonymous said...

That's so sad, hunni. :( Thinking of you. ((hugs))