Thursday, November 12, 2009

i heart.............

Nely over at All About { N} is hosting i heart! The thing you show could be anything you heart, but like Nely I am sticking to book related things because, well this is my book blog!

Here is my beauty....
Trinity College Library,
AKA, The Long Room, Dublin, Ireland

Drool!! Not only is it an awesome, beautiful library... it's in Ireland!! Nuff said!
i heart this library and i heart Ireland... two for one deal!

Head over to All About {N } and join in on the fun
Until next time...
Happy Reading!


Nely said...

Drool... is an understatement. That library is amazing. I could just live there.... and in Ireland, just dreamy.


Sharon said...

I see why you heart that library. Nely is right, Drool is an understatement!

Alexia561 said...

Ireland. Books. Definitely drool-worthy! :)