Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Forbidden Fantasies

Forbidden Fantasies:

Bossy and Clyde by Jaid Black: Psychic artist Kandrea Kane doesn't predict the erotic energy her architect's masculine touch will ignite in her voluptuous body.

Legend's Passion by Jaci Burton: A night of anonymous ecstasy in the park with a gorgeous werewolf is a red hot sexual release for Chantal Devlin- until a case of mistaken identity leads to a dangerous surprise.

Eternal Triangle by Ann Jacobs: When mortal master chad Lalanne and her sensuous vampire submissive Katie invite Philippe d'Argent on an erotic trip into a Cajun paradise, the lovers unlock wild, forbidden desires on the bayou.

Lady Elizabeth's Choice by Sahara Kelly: After a raw, passionate encounter that claimed Lady Elizabeth Wentworth's innocence months ago, Lord Spencer Marchwood decides the only way to win her love is to seduce her with sexual pleasures she can't refuse.

Selfless by Sherri L King: While researchers try to determine who - and what- beautifuk Eva really is, she relinquishes her darkest fantasies to the primal call of confident, golden haired Dante, who rescued her from an evil scientist.

Wild Ride by Cheyenne McCray: DEA agent Santiago towers over Tess with a Stetson on his head and smooth bronze skin she longs to caress, putting her on her naughtiest bedroom behavior- and exposing her to a risky game of hot pursuit.

I am giving Forbidden Fantasies 4 stars

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