Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Readers: Reading Challenges

Dear Readers,
Today's letter is about the reading challenges you were a part of this year. As the end of the year drawls closer and closer to the end, these challenges are rearing their beady little eyes in our faces.

How did you do on your challenges? Have you finished them? Will you finish them if you haven't yet?

Out of the challenges you took part in this year, which will you be doing again next year? Why?

Which ones will you NOT be taking part in again, why?

I have high hopes that all my challenges will be finished but I will be honest here, the 999 paranormal one is kicking my booty! I find that it is hard to find enough books to fill this challenge. Wait, I know that sounds odd, their are millions upon billions of books out there. Thing is, while I love reading paranormal books, there is a fine line I won't cross... I do not want to read horror paranormal novels. That and the fact that a lot of said books are about werewolves and or vampires. I loved this challenge and maybe if it was scaled back next year I would sign up for it, but as of right now I have no choice but to sit it out.

Challenges I will for sure be signing up for again are the Library Challenge ( which is easy because I try not to buy books) and the 100+ challenge.

So how about it my dear readers, roll call on how you are doing with your challenges....

Until next time...
Happy Reading!


Ceri said...

I think I've learned that challenges are definitely for those who read really really fast. I can't keep up with them (unless they take place over 12 months) so I'm going to make sure to sign up for less next year.

Anonymous said...

I have done all right with my challenges - I think I signed up for 12, but I've had to drop a few that just became impossible as the year went on. My goal for the 100+ Challenge was 135, and I'm at 126, so I think I'll manage it. I'll also do the library challenge again, and the audio challenge - and I'm going to host the Essay Reading Challenge again. I won't be deciding exactly which challenges to join - or announcing any of them - until after November, though, since I'm swamped with NaNoWriMo.

Alexia561 said...

To be honest, I'm not doing too well with my challenges. I joined the 100+ challenge late, but was cocky and thought it would be a piece of cake. Not even halfway done and it's November already! Yikes! Will definitely try again next year, as well as the library challenge. Don't know if I'll join any others, but who knows what will catch my eye? :-)