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Portrait of a Scandal by Danielle Lisle { Review}

Portrait of a Scandal
{ Scandals of Nobility #1}
by Danielle Lisle

ebook145 pages
Published December 3rd 2012 by 
Total-E-Bound Publishing

Book one in the Scandals of Nobility Series

The one man she desires is the one man she can never marry, for if he knew the truth about her scandalous past, he would never want her.

During a time when women are required to be appealing, well mannered, but never opinionated, Lady Nellie struggles to find her place. She believes in speaking her mind, not caring if her words offend others, or how unladylike she seems. Yet one man, whom she primarily despises, finds her sharp tongue intriguing rather than uncivil.

Lord Sterling is heir to a dukedom and it is time he is married, yet all the girls of the season are dull and lifeless, to his mind. Well, all apart from Lady Nellie. Her flowered words are laced with insults—insults that, rather than offending him, set his mind into a flutter, wondering if the passion in her voice will be as strong in the bedroom.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a MFM ménage scene with a male who is a stranger to the heroine (which includes double penetration), and scenes of anal sex.

First Line(s): The one man she desires is the one man she can never marry, for if he knew the truth about her scandalous past, he would despise her.

Favorite Line(s): He sighed. " My dear, I do not care for this place. I miss Fleurit Park. It is where my best memories reside. Where your mother and I grew to lover each other and where you were created and born. I have watched my baby girl grow into a woman, and now I need to let her spread her wings."


..." You are my wife, my love and the reason I live now."..

My Review: I adored the character Nellie. She was loyal to her family, did what she felt needed to be done to protect her family but she still had the sweet nature to know in the process she may have wronged a few people and the guilt kept her real to me.

Thomas was everything one looks for in her leading Rake! He was charming, demanding and the way he is described, no doubt a looker. 

I think this book had the perfect amount of steam and romance in it to make it a perfect read for any afternoon. A real fast read.

When I got Portrait of a Scandal I got it free on Amazon. Now it's listed for $0.99 and worth every penny.

My Rating:   photo 3rating-1.png

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Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it. ;)