Sunday, June 3, 2012

Savannah's Ghost Tale by Kali Willows

Savannah's Ghost Tale
{1 Night Stand Series #45}
by Kali Willows

Kindle Edition
Published (first published October 11th 2011)

Savannah Teale has an obsession with the supernatural—to disprove it. An unorthodox Ghost Hunter with a dark secret, she doesn’t believe in life after death. Not anymore. Being romantically challenged since the traumatic death of her fiancé, she has no interest in dating, but her sister’s loving interference has led her to accept a date for a 1Night Stand.

Cameron Evans is one of Savannah’s most handsome, charismatic, and sexy bachelors. He’s an exceptionally gifted tour guide, and a psychic, but hasn’t learned how to turn off his gifts. Since his conversations with the dead are a turn-off for most women—to put it mildly—Cameron has turned to Madame Eve to find a woman who can accept him for himself and all he has to give.

They may be a great match—if a certain, lingering ghost would just step out of the picture

First Line: Orgasmic groans filled the air.

My Review: If you have seen "Ghost" the movie than you pretty much read this novella!
The good thing about novella's is they are short enough that you can use them to clear your mind in between the bigger novels. If you go into this book just expecting this than you will be fine.

I got this book on my Kindle Fire when it was free on Amazon it's now $3.99

My Rating : Photobucket

Until next time... Happy Reading!

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