Friday, June 22, 2012

Body Check by Deirdre Martin { Review}

Body Check
{ New York Blades #1}
by Deirdre Martin
Paperback336 pages
Published February 25th 2003 by Jove

This game's going into overtime. 

Janna MacNeil is a publicist on a mission to change the image of the bad boys of hockey: the Stanley Cup Champion New York Blades.

Ty Gallagher is a captain on a mission— to get his team to win the Cup again... at any cost. His determination is legendary, as well as his unwillingness to toe the corporate line.

When the persistent publicist and the sttubborn captain butt heads, it's hard enough to crack the ice. But they may end up melting it instead...

First Line(s): Not many women could boast bossing around a locker room full of buff,baked jocks as part of their job description,but then again,there were'nt many women with a job like Janna MacNeil's.

My Review: Fun, witty, and real!
If you like a sports theme in your romance novels pick this book up now! I am finding myself on a major contemporary romance right now and it's even better if you throw in a hunky sports player.

I love that this series has 11 books already in it so there is no waiting involved... they are all just waiting for me to get my hot little hands on them and trust me I will be continuing this series.

My Rating:Photobucket

Once again I am behind in a whole lot of my reviews. The books I chose to pick up on my own free will will have short and to the point reviews. By doing this I can give my full attention to the books I am reviewing for authors/publishers.
Thanks for your understanding!

 Until next time... Happy Reading!

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