Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Readers: Help!!! PLEASE?!?!?!

Dear Sassy Crazy Book Slut Readers:



You might be asking yourself why is she whinning, what does she need?

I'll tell you what I need... I need someone to tell me how to fix my right sidebar? Why is everything being posted under my blog entries at the bottom of my blog? Why is my super funky, cool and sassy blog not looking it's part?

Can anyone help out this poor crazy book slut who is going crazy because of her blog and not just books!!

I would love you forever and I am not above bribing someone to help me, will it be you?

Until next time...Happy Reading!


Michelle Greathouse said...

Did you get it fixed? Cause it looks great! :)


Danny said...

I send you a mail!
The problem ist probably due to a weird code in one of your latest posts.

I had this once with a linky script I inserted in my posts.
I hope you'll get it fixed!!

Book Dragon said...

Looks good at my end. Good Luck, I had it happen once but don't remember how I fixed it :-(