Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear Readers: Content Warning

Dear Crazy Book Slut Readers,

I have been thinking a lot about content warning, you all know them, seen them around the block a time or two.

It's when you get a scene before entering a blog saying giving you a content warning that the blog you are about to visit is for the "mature audience".

So my question is... close the blog out or keep on trucking?

I keep on trucking and I will admit that I enjoy seeing them because it gives me a feeling that the blog I am about to enter might be of like mind. Same reading preferences!

Of course a lot of my favorite blogs do not have them but if I were to break it down I would say about 70% of the blogs I visit do have Content Warning.

So let's hear it readers, what are your thoughts on Content Warning. I want to hear both sides....spill it!

Until next time...Happy Reading!


Author JM Kelley said...

You know, I hardly notice them. It's one click to get to the page, and it's an all-purpose disclaimer to cover our backsides. If someone under 18 clicks, you had the warning there. If someone takes offense, all you need to do is remind them they agreed to read mature content. Can't fault anybody for using them!

Lover of Romance said...

I agree.... I usually just click them and if its ever too offensive I can just close the page with one click...but I am not very picky about it and its good to have them just to warn those that might not be interested in certain content.

Jonita said...

Love 'em!!! I figure they just give the author the go ahead to truly express themselves and I, for one, love to read what people truly have to say!

Alexia561 said...

I usual keep on trucking and if it's offensive, I have the option to just leave. So far, have only had to leave one blog, which was mostly porn.

I actually love the adult romance blogs! And the warning should help keep the prudes away! *L*