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Smart and Sexy by Jill Shalvis { Review}

Smart and Sexy

(Sky High Air #1)
by Jill Shalvis

Mass Market Paperback, 288 pages
Published April 1st 2007 by Brava

Noah Fisher has worked for months to make Sky High the most prestigious charter airline in California. He's long overdue for a break - something involving ski slopes, cold beers, and hot ski bunny babes, not necessarily in that order. The itinerary doesn't include being hijacked by Bailey Sinclair, gorgeous widow of one of Sky High's wealthiest (ex-) clients. But here they are, and being crammed in a cockpit with the scared, stubborn, unbelievably sexy former model he's been fantasizing about invokes Superman tendencies that could get Noah in serious trouble. Bailey is desperate to find the stash of money hidden by her conniving, thieving late husband - before the bad guys he owed find her. It's a long shot, but nothing compared to the gamble she's taking by being so close to Noah. Every minute in his company has Bailey thinking about doing crazy, reckless things like touching, grabbing, kissing...and oh wow, being kissed right back. Suddenly, seat-of-your-pants seems like the only way to fly, and maybe it's the altitude playing tricks, but this is one trip she never wants to end...

First Line: Noah Fisher needed a double diamond ski slope, a hot ski bunny babe, and a beer, and not necessarily in that order.

Favorite Line: “Hey,” Shayne said through the door. “You going to stay in there all night, because we’re getting tired of trying to eavesdrop from out here. Can’t hear a damn thing.”

My Review: Okay we have already discussed that Jill Shalvis is one of my new ( to me) favorite authors!
Smart and Sexy is the first in a trilogy about three men who own and run a private airplane business. This book was good and this just might be the first book/series I have ever read where the main hero is a pilot. It worked for me, I get it, pilots = sexy! Smart and Sexy is one of Shalvis’ earlier books and it is more on the suspense side of things, but don't fear she still works the sexy into it perfectly.
All Shalvis' books have witty storylines and entertaining fun characters. I adore the way Shalvis writes and I am both happy to have started reading her books and bummed it took me this long to find her.

It was nice to read one of Shalvis older pieces and to see how she writes suspense, it worked for me!

My Rating:Photobucket

Have you read Smart and Sexy? Would love to hear your thoughts? If you haven't read it, will you now?

Until next time...Happy Reading!

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