Monday, March 15, 2010

Musical Mondays: #3

Sure you all know about a version of Musical Monday. What song are you hooked on right now? What song could be your theme song, in general or just for the day? Grab the button above and share on your site or just let me know in the comments.

Today I bring you :
Otta My Head: Ashlee Simpson

Let's add a book feel to Musical Monday.... does this song make you think of a certain book? Character?

If you are doing a Musical Monday put your info here so we can visit you...

Until next time...
Happy Reading!



Jeanne C. said...

I linked you to my site! I love John Mayer's Heartbreak Warfare! This is fun... thanks for the idea!

Ruth Schaller said...

Hey there! I thought this weekly meme was cute so I decided that I'm going to join in! Here is mine for this week!

Have a great one!