Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck of the Irish & great news for you!

Okay in my quest to drawl you stalkers out of hiding and actually posting more I have come to realize I must bribe you! I am not above doing this and you know it!

In the right hand toolbar you should see a little pink shoping bag, do you see it? Once you click that it will take you to a post of all my books I have to give away.

For every post ( on or before March 1st, 2010. Anything before this time does not count) that gets 15 comments, a book will be given away. The winner will be drawn from the comments, so if you comment you are entered to pick a book of your choosing. I win, you win, we all WIN!

The only rule to enter is making sure I have a way to contact you!

Easy right? Right!

Second I would like to wish you all a very Happy St Patrick's Day. This Crazy Book Slut is one proud Irish Lad! Wit woo! Plus in the future I will share why the luck of the Irish is with me this year!

So how soon will we have our first winner, it's up to all of you! Go forth, shall the comment love with me!
Until next time...
Happy Reading!



tweezle said...

What a cool idea!

Tweezle from Just One More Paragraph

throuthehaze said...

very generous! :)

OutnumberedMama said...

Does this post count? I hope so. What a cool giveaway concept! I sure I hope I win something!

Angelia said...

Ok, you caught me! I'm a constant lurker. *hangshead* I'm always up for free books though!

Erica said...

My first visit to your site Tena! I join you in being a book slut!

angie said...

Love your site!! And I love the books on your list:) So many great ones and many I will have to put on my TBR lists!! Thanks for the contest!