Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tantalizing Thursday #2

It's Thursday again... who is ready for some yummy and I do mean YUMMY eye candy?!?!
This weeks eye candy is......

none other than Johnny Deep. Not only is he hott ( with two t's), he is an amazing actor. The above pictures show him in
1. Benny and June ( one of my all time faves).
2. 21 Jump Street
3. Edward Scissorhands

1. Pirates Of The Caribbean
2. Johhny just being hott Johnny for a photo shoot
3. Mad Hatter, can't wait to see him next month if Alice in Wonderland

Are you a Johnny fan? Fan of his looks? His acting? Both?

Who is tantalizing you this Thursday?

Until next time...
Happy Reading!


Angelia said...

I love Benny and June! Edward Sissorhands too. I'm not a huge fan of his newer work. I am anxious to see Alice in Wonderland though.

The Book Junkie's Bookshelf said...

And those examples are exactly why he's People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive!

Ceri said...

Oooh, Mr Depp. Absolutely perfect. I swear he's my ideal man. haha.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I remember Johnny Dep in 21 Jump Street! What a flashback!

naida said...

omg, johnny! i've been in love with that man since 21jump street.
hes fantastic and sooo talented.
and he likes poetry!