Friday, February 19, 2010

One Foot in the Grave

One Foot in the Grave
(Night Huntress Series #2)
by Jeaniene Frost

You can run from the grave, but you can't hide . . .
Half-vampire Cat Crawfield is now Special Agent Cat Crawfield, working for the government to rid the world of the rogue undead. She's still using everything Bones, her sexy and dangerous ex, taught her, but when Cat is targeted for assassination, the only man who can help her is the vampire she left behind.

Being around him awakens all her emotions, from the adrenaline kick of slaying vamps side by side to the reckless passion that consumed them. But a price on her head—wanted: dead or half-alive—means her survival depends on teaming up with Bones. And no matter how hard she tries to keep things professional between them, she'll find that desire lasts forever . . . and that Bones won't let her get away again.

Favorite Line(s): n/a

First Line: I waited outside the large, four story home in Manhasset that was owned by a Mr. Liam Flannery.

My Review: This follow up in the series did not fail! My boyfriends back and your gonna be in trouble... ha ha ha! Not that Cat needs any help from her man, but they do make for a steamy read. I love the chemisty between these two characters. The story line continues to flow smoothy in this series, never a dull or predictable moment.

If you look at hte lower left hand side of my tool bar you will see I joined a new club after reading this book. Do you see it? That's right I am not a proud member of Bones is mine club! I love when I find me a new book boyfriend. This crazy book slut lives for it!

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384 pages

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PeaceLove&Pat said...

Love this series. :)

Mar said...

Must start reading this series, asap.

LdybugSammi said...

Hi Tena!!!! I think you should rename your blog to "Red headed (book) slut" Love ya!

Book ♥ Soulmates said...

Thanks for stopping by our page. I had never seen yours either. I actually found your page through MizB :) I'm a follower now *woo-hoo*

I really like the cover of this book. Tres sexy :) And of course, anything to do w/ vamps gets my attention.