Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Transformation: Review

(Water #3)
by Kara Dalkey

Water is a fantasy trilogy that combines the legends of the Knights of the Round Table and the lost city of Atlantis. Transformation is Book Three of Three. Transformation, Book Three description: The sea is the birthplace of legends. Nia and Corwin have each fought their own battles.

At first I thought I was just going to read this series because I needed books with mermaids to finish a challenge, but I found myself enjoying the books. Transformation was not as good as the first two but it still was a nice addition to the series. Predictable in some area's, but reminded myself that the author's target audience was not my age brackett to begin with... ha ha ha!

I am giving Transformation
and it falls into these reading challenges...

** I have received nothing for posting this review, this book was picked up from my local library on my own free will! **
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Kirthi said...

This sounds original, King Arthur and Atlantis packed in one book. Sadly, I'm going to have to read the first 2 books (because I hate reading out of order) but I can't wait to get to it :D Nice review