Friday, November 27, 2009

Sweet Release: Review

by Pamela Clare

Though Cassie hated the slave trade, her Virginia plantation demanded the labor, so for five pounds in cash, the convict was hers. Little did she know that Cole Braden had been beaten, abducted and sent to the American colonies as an indentured servant. He must prove his true identity to win his freedom and earn her love.

I am blown away that this was Pamela Clare's first book. Wonderful! She not only captured the era but the way she wrote these two characters... devine! I love seeing books where the main female character is strong willed, follows her own beliefs, and more importantly her heart! Alec ( Cole) and Cassie have you cheering from them in all aspects of the story. Move over Bella and Edward, Romeo and Juliet... here comes Alec and Cassie! A true love story!

I am giving Sweet Release
and it falls into these reading challenges...

** I have received nothing for posting this review, this book was picked up from my local library on my own free will! **

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