Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Review

by Annette Blair


Sexy new romance from the national bestselling author of My Favorite Witch. To restore his clan to glory, Rory MacKenzie must reclaim a beautifully carved unicorn. His search leads him to Victoria Cartwright, whose untapped magical power reveals a long-hidden treasure in her .

Publishers Weekly:

Despite her best attempts at denial-"I am so not a witch"-Victoria Cartwright has inherited a legacy of magic, along with the key to a mysterious wardrobe, in Blair's third Witch novel (following the bestseller My Favorite Witch). Upon her beloved grandmother's death, Vickie receives the magic key to grandmother's old wardrobe-never before opened-and a promise that it contains Vickie's destiny. To Vickie's puzzlement, her destiny turns out to be an exquisitely preserved antique carousel unicorn. Though it's oddly familiar to Vickie, the unicorn is recognized right off by Scotsman Rory MacKenzie, a handsome loner, when Vickie appears with it on a television antiques show. The unicorn happens to be the handiwork of Rory's ancestor and the key to ending his family curse. The two meet and immediately set to bickering, first over Rory's manners-Vickie quickly concludes that he's "a lack-wit shoddy-mannered Scot with more beards than brains"-then over his designs for the unicorn. Of course, they're just working their way toward confronting their mutual attraction, but sassy dialogue, rich sexual tension and plenty of laughs make this an immensely satisfying return to Blair's world of witchcraft.
Fans will welcome back familiar characters in supporting roles, but newcomers will take to it just as well.

I am so glad I came across this series, it has been a fun ride with these characters. I look forward to picking up the other series that have characters in this book come to life! Heading to my library site now to put a request in.
Way to hit it out of the ball park Annette Blair!!!!!

The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe is getting 4 solid stars from me!
This book falls into these reading challenges....
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