Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Favorite Witch: Review

by Annette Blair

Kira is a white witch with a genius for organizing special events. When disabled star hockey player Jason Goddard--known far and wide as the Best Kisser in America and a playboy of the first order--meets her, she has just dumped her jock fiance after finding him in bed with her sister the month before the wedding. So she's muttering spells and he gets entirely the wrong impression, and for her part she has no idea that he is her new boss, the beloved grandson of Bessie, her landlord and friend. The Pickering Foundation is in a financial bind, and Bessie hopes that together her two favorite people can bring in new money to support their charitable endeavors, especially St. Anthony's Home for Boys. Blair's sexy contemporary mating dance, set in Newport, Rhode Island, entertainingly pairs two commitment-phobic individuals and features cameo appearances by Melody and Logan from her previous romantic comedy, The Kitchen Witch

Annette Blair has done it again. This series is so light and easy ( fast) to read. You feel like you can really connect with the characters, which is always an added bonus.
My Favorite Witch is getting 5 stars out of me!

This book falls into these reading challenges.....
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Kristen howe said...

That books sounds like a winner to me. I might decide to read it. I love your website. So colorful.