Monday, May 18, 2009

No! I Don't Want to Join a Book Club: Review

Marie Sharp is about to turn 60, and unlike many of her peers, she has no interest in taking up paragliding or living for three months with a Masai tribe in Africa. She's intent on accepting this new phase of her life, which brings with it the freedom to do old things, such as getting a pension and free prescriptions and, as her neighbor helpfully points out, "tekkin' it eezee, man." Marie, in fact, has such an easygoing attitude toward aging that her friends are constantly inviting her out to dinner and on vacation. She's also excited about becoming a grandmother and babysitting for her grandchild, who has "the air of a very clean goblin" given to "laughing rather inappropriately." And though Marie has declared herself done with romantic entanglements, there's a very kind old friend, recently widowed, who has a crush on her. For Marie, old age is looking pretty wonderful. Ironside is pretty wonderful herself, offering a witty and, at times, poignant depiction of the challenges and freedoms that come with getting older.

I had a hard time getting into this book at the start, not sure if it is because I am in my reading historic fiction books at the moment. I go through phases! Once I got into a few chapters it got much better for me, but was still not my favorite read.

I did finish this book so I will give this book 3 stars... barely!

This book falls into these book challenges ( lists that need to be updated badly... promise to get to this ASAP).

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