Sunday, January 11, 2009

Men of Thorne Island: Review

Men of Thorne Island by Cynthia Thomason

This is my second
book I have read for the Harlequin Romance Challenge.

"When Sara Crawford arrives on Thorne Island, she discovers that her inheritance is nothing like the
photo in the glossy brochures the lawyer presented. For a start, the dock's about to collapse into the lake. And The Cozy Cove Inn, so charmingly depicted in the pamphlet, is in desperate need of a paintbrush and a vacuum.

" Another detail- not mentioned in the advertising or in her aunt's will- is the fact that the island has four long term inhabitants, each with an unbreakable lease. Three intensely private, cantankerous recluses who want no part of Sara's improvement plans. And one cynical, sexy man with a secret who is opposed to change.

" But Sara's never backed away from a challenge. And Nick Bass is the most attractive challenge she's met in a long time!"

I enjoyed this book for many reasons... 1). Sara Crawford and Nick Bass remind me of my hubby and I. They had such great chemistry and loved picking on one another, what more does a relationship need? 2). Sara was just an everyday gal, no glamous job, just a simple girl, and sometimes these books go over the top in their female character descriptions, I mean we all can't be blondes with big boobs!

I do wish that there was more details about the Island, I just felt that if a few more pages were added to the story, I could have seen the Island more, actually put myself in the story/Island.

I give this book a solid 4 stars on my rating system!
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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy these little books, especially after I finish an intense book. This sounds like a fun read and you are right, we all can't be born blond with big 'uns. ;)

Steph said...

Haha, can't say if this is something I'd normally pick up on my own, but I love the way the woman is just strutting on the cover. Kinda cool :)


naida said...

sounds cute, great review :)