Sunday, January 25, 2009

If You Desire: Review

If you Desire by Kresley Cole, is the second book in the series; MacArrick Brothers.
He tried to run...

" In his youth, Huge MacCarrick foolishly fell in love with a beautiful English lass who delighted in teasing him with her flirtatious ways. Yet he knew he could never marry her because he was shadowed by an accursed family legacy. To avoid temptation, Hugh left home, ultimately becoming an assassin".

She tried to forget him....

" Jane Weyland was devastated when the Highlander she believed would marry her abandoned her instead. Years later, when Hugh MacCarrick is summoned to protect her from her father's enemies, her heartache has turned to fury- but her desire for him has not waned."

Will passion overwhelm them?

In hiding, Jane torments Hugh with seductive play. He struggles to resist her because of deadly secrets that could endanger her furhter. But Hugh is no longer a gentle young man- and toying with the fever-pitched desires of a hardened warrior will either get Jane burned... or enflame a love that never died."

Kresley Cole did it again. Another book that I couldn't put down and finished in less than 2 days! Another steamy read, that makes even the reader long for a Scot to come protect her, or torment her with his ways, ha ha ha!

The one down fall to this series so far is the use of a phase I can't stand, so it really is just a flaw on my part. The GD phase is used a lot ( God .... fill in the blank). I don't use this phase, I cringe when others use it, and even when I see it in a book, I have come to the part when I automatically just read " Gosh Darnit". I am fiece, huh?

Time to rate this book.... 5 stars!! Wit woo, for someone who doesn't give them easily, this book slut just gave two in one week!

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*The 2009 Support Your Local Library Challenge
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TheChicGeek said...

Ooooooh, this sounds really good! I'm going to read this one. Fantastic review! :)

naida said...

great new blog look!

and this book sounds great, I need to add this to my TBR.
great review.

Anonymous said...

I probably told you this already, but I have a book by this author on my shelf. It's for the book challenges as well. I haven't read anything by her and this will be my first. :)