Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!: Review

I thought for today's post I would talk about my 3 year olds favorite book. 'J's face lights up, and he screams when I pull this book out to read him.

By now, even though this blog is new, people should see how much books play a part in my life, and I want my kids to cherish books has much as I do. So, when I come across a book that captures the innocence of them, I have to add it to our collection.

'J' loves telling that pigeon "NOOOooooo".

This book won a 2003 Caldecott Honor.

I will be the first to admit that their are many, many books out there that my kids want me to read over and over again, and of course I do, but I do not enjoy the story. This is just not the case with this book, not only do I enjoy the story and that crazy little pigeon, I love the face my little boy has when he is read this book.

Many have probably heard of this book, if so... what is your take on it? If you haven't seen or read it, pick it up, it just might become a favorite in your house as well!
Happy Reading!


Lindsey said...

I hadn't heard of this one! I'll have to look into it. :-) Emma is still too young to really get excited about her books (except when it comes to eating them), but I enjoy reading her Dr. Seuss, especially Mr. Brown Can Moon, Can You? lol My little sister used to loooove The Shoe on the Wall. I read it to her countless times and we always enjoyed counting the shoes. :-)

Anonymous said...

Iain LOVES LOVES LOVES the pigeon books. And, I have to admit, they make me giggle, too.
We quote some of them around this house...