Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sexy Snippets: Ride the Fire

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Ride the Truth
by Pamela Clare

Suddenly Nicholas found himself wishing he could be the man who healed that deep hurt and initiated her into the delights of sex. How he longed to be the one to awaken her desire, to drive her hunger to a fevered pitch, to make her cry out in delight. How he ached to sheath himself inside her and feel her melt around him as one climax after another claimed her. The thoughts of it sent blood rushing to his cock, made him harder than the firewood in his arms. And even as the idea came to him, even as apart of him rejected it wholly, he began to wonder how he might accomplish this.
-page 90

Until next time...Happy Reading!


Ninja Girl said...

Wow, I think I'm blushing...no seriously, I am. That was one hot snippet, lady. I've never heard of Ride the Truth before, might be too hot for me to handle lol.
Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great one,
Ninja Girl

Lover of Romance said...

Wow!! I think the room just went up in flames!!! Hope you are enjoying your current read! Thanks for sharing!