Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Double Play by Jill Shalvis: { Review}

Double Play

Paperback, 282 pages
Published July 7th 2009 by Berkley

Pace Martin is the ace pitcher for the Pacific Heat. He's got the arm, the experience, and the wins. He's also got the pain, the pressure, and the possible end of his career looming over him. The last thing he needs now is a distraction, even if it comes in the form of a tough, beautiful, tell-it-like-it-is writer who sees past his defences.

Holly Hutchins knows a good story when she sees one, and the tall, dark, and slightly attitude-challenged Pace Martin fits the bill. But when she realizes there's more at stake than just a win, shouldered jock in a different light.

Pace and Holly begin a seductive game, but in the face of unexpected betrayal and challenges, they'll have to find the courage to swing for the fences...

First Line: If Pace Martin had the choice between sex and a nap, he'd actually take the nap, and wasn't that just pathetic enough to depress him.

My Review: What attracted me to Double Play was it was a sports themed romance novel ( and I am looking to finish my 2011 Men in Uniform Challenge) and of course it being written by Jill Shalvis. Of course the yummie cover didn't hurt my decision, yum-o!

Double Play's story did not disappoint me, it was a fun, sexy, witty and fast read. Score!Jill Shalvis writing in Double Play was funny and light till the last page, which made this a light and enjoyable read. The relationship between all characters was funny and down to earth... real. I love when the characters just seem like your everyday people, makes them very appealing and real to me. While this story was witty and fun in also had depth, Jill Shalvis gave us a perfect look into the characters background history before we met up with them.

I also love that Jill Shalvis used an area that I am familiar with and wrote of the area so beautifully, makes me want to pile into the car for a quick weekend giveaway, maybe I can run into Pace... ha ha ha!

I could have gone for a bit more steamy action but the amount given was just enough to get the engine roaring and your imagination to kick in. I really enjoyed Double Play.
My Rating: Photobucket

Stay turned for Slow Heat, the second installment in the Pacific Heat series!

Until next time...Happy Reading!

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