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Strong, Silent Type { Review}

Strong, Silent Type

(Rough Riders #6.5)
by Lorelei James

ebook, 81 pages
Published May 5th 2009 by Samhain

Tough. Taciturn. And a fool for letting her go…

A Wild Ride story.

Wyoming rancher Quinn McKay thought he’d only have to bide time until his
levelheaded wife came to her senses and called a halt to this “trial
separation”. He never believed the marital rough patch would drag on for a coon’s age.

Libby McKay knew when she married the gruff, laid-back cowboy that he wasn’t prone to blathering about his feelings. But three months have passed and her stubborn-as-a-mule husband is still living by himself in the horse trailer. It seems he’d rather hold onto his pride than hold onto her.

Quinn realizes Libby is determined to move on if he doesn’t loosen his tongue and he’ll lose the only woman he’s ever loved. In a last-ditch effort to keep her in his life, he offers her one weekend of uninterrupted sexual decadence.

Reigniting the passion is easy. The hard part comes after the sheets have cooled and they find out if what remains is strong enough to survive past mistakes.

First Line: "Get your goddamn hands off my wife!"

Favorite Line: “I’m not exactly a delicate flower,” she retorted. “And I’ve known you all my life.”

“Yeah? Then did ya think I’d go with my original impulse of draggin’ you back home by the hair and provin’ to you just who has the right to put his hands all over you?”

My Review:
My only real complaint about Strong, Silent type is that it's a novella! I wanted more, more, more!

Strong, Silent Type shoves that communication is the key in any relationship! Once Quinn and Libby started talking about their REAL issues, they both realized the role they played in their troubled marriage and decided their marriage was worth the effort to try and safe it! Libby realizes she's been selfish and focused on her own needs. Quinn realizes he must open up and talk about his feelings and voice his needs (clearly) to Libby.

This book is relatable to any couple who is married and honest with themselves. Marriage is hard work and if you fail to show up even one day you are putting your marriage in jeopardy. If your married I am certain you will find something you can relate with in Strong, Silent Type.

My Rating: Photobucket

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Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I was intrigued about the description until I got to the weekend of sexual decadence. Hmmm...that confuses me when the entire issue seemed to be communication. I'm just not sure.

Great review. I'm just really confused about that description.