Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris {Review}

Dead Reckoning

(Sookie Stackhouse #11)
by Charlaine Harris

Hardcover, 325 pages
Published May 3rd 2011 by Ace

With her knack for being in trouble's way, Sookie witnesses the firebombing of Merlotte's, the bar where she works. Since Sam Merlotte is now known to be two-natured, suspicion falls immediately on the anti-shifters in the area. Sookie suspects otherwise, but her attention is divided when she realizes that her lover Eric Northman and his "child" Pam are plotting to kill the vampire who is now their master. Gradually, Sookie is drawn into the plot-which is much more complicated than she knows...

First Line: The attic had been kept locked until the day after my grandmother died.

My Review: Fact: I'm barely haning on here. I use to adore this series, couldn't wait for a new book to come out and when one did I wasn't able to put "said" book down. Now I am finding Sookie's adventures repetitive, dry and lacking. Even typing that last sentence fills me with greif.

My biggest pet peeve is that there were all these words but nothing really happened, no development.

I would like to think that Charlaine Harris is using the events in Dead Reckoning to give us a wonderful new installment into the series that will leave us unable to put the book down and rekindle our love for Sookie and the other characters in this series. When the next book comes out I will 100% be picking it up to read, maybe with a little bit more reserve than the others in the past.

Do I feel this wasy over this series because I watch True Blood on Hbo and have become acustomed to big over the top action? Maybe?!? But I once had such deep feelings for Sookie way before True Blood aired. Can Charlaine Harris make a come back, I hope so but my feelings off Dead Reckoning lead me to believe it's time to put the Sookie Stackhouse series to bed.

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Before I close on this entry I would like it to be known that I take nothing away from Charlaine as an author. She is amazing and her talent is few and far between. She has written many books and if I am just now coming across one I don't love ( and I am only one lone reader) I would say she has a good track record!

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Khadija said...

I have to agree that Sookie has passed her glory days for a while now. I've come to accept it though and enjoyed Dead Reckoning not because it was spectacular but because of my love of the characters.

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I agree with you. I think she is ending it but now I worry that she won't be able to adequately wrap it up. I'm so unimpressed with Sookie's love life. I also felt like there was nothing was really going on. Nothing happened till the end. I was not happy with this one but I will pick up the next one.