Thursday, July 21, 2011

Raising Kane { Review }

Raising Kane

( Rough Riders #9)

Lorelei James

232 pages

She surrendered the reins. Now he's raising the stakes.

When a patch of ice sends attorney Ginger Paulson head-over-high-heels down a flight of stairs, she has no one to care for her young son and her invalid father - until lethally sexy Kane McKay shows up at the hospital, determined to prove his cowboy chivalry. Past experience has inoculated her against take-charge men, but even Ginger isn't immune to Kane's invasive charm and Built Ford Tough body.

For two years rancher Kane McKay has followed the Little Buddies mentoring program's cardinal rule - hands off his Little Buddy Hayden's mama. But one look at Ginger's bruised body and Kane is through watching the stubborn woman take care of everyone but herself. The feisty, curvy redhead needs his help, and he'll give her the hands-on type whether she likes it or not.

After Kane throws out doctor's orders and issues his own demands - her full sexual submission - Ginger realizes Kane's caring nature extends beyond just fulfilling her physical needs.

Can the former hell-raiser convince the gun-shy single mom to look beyond his past - toward a shared future?

Warning: Contains one sweet and hot hunk of cowboy manflesh who uses every sexual trick in the book to render a sassy, fast-talking attorney speechless and put a new twist on the term "binding arbitration".

First Line(s): When Ginger Paulson's horoscope hinted she'd taken an unexpected trip, she hadn't anticipated tripping down a flight of stairs.

Favorite Line(s): " I can live with being a distraction, sugar. In fact, I ntend to bump up my attentions and see if I can't become your obsession."

My Review: I really liked Raising Kane, the 9th book on the McKay family! I need to go find me a small western town with a family full of their very own "McKay" men and set up shop! Grr!

Raising Kane was everything you expect in a Rough Rider book by Lorelei James. Kane and Ginger are perfect fit for each other. Raising Kane is light on the conflict and dramatics. Instead, Raising Kane focuses more on how two people who are right for each other finally allow themselves a chance to be together. The sex is hot, which it has to be if a McKay is involved. Starting to think the McKay brothers/Cousins go to a school to learn their tricks!

My Rating: Photobucket

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