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Ride the Fire {Review} by Jo Davis

Ride the Fire
{The Firefighters of Station Five Series}
by Jo Davis

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Signet; Original edition
(December 7, 2010)

After he lost his wife and children to tragedy, Capt. Sean Tanner drowned his pain with alcohol. Now, fresh from rehab, he wants to regain the trust of his team and begin again. The last thing he needs is to have feelings for beautiful firefighter Eve Marshall. But even as they dare to explore their growing desire, Sean learns that his family may have actually been murdered. And that a shadow from his past has returned to finish off Sean-and anyone he loves.

First Line(s): On the night the world ended,
Blair Tanner had told her husband to go to hell.

My Review: Ride the Fire is the last book in the Firefighters of Station 5 series and it is nice to finally have the main hero being Sean. We learn Sean's story throughout the whole series, including Eve's feelings about him. In this steamy read the love between Eve and Sean is finally realized.

Sean is haunted by the awful death of his wife and two children. In a downward fall, he becomes an alcoholic to escape the pain. With help from friends he hopes to kick his habit. Sean is troubled by his intense attraction to Eve who works under him at Station 5. She is a constant distraction and an unwelcome strain on his already torn emotions. The attraction between Eve and Sean is unavoidable and a sudden night of passion has Sean running for the hills. Sean has already lost those he loved before and he isn't sure if he can do it all over again. He feels it is best to cut his losses rather than hurt Eve and himself. But Sean finds he can't stay away from Eve even if he tried and a vengeful danger lurks, Sean is forced to make some tough decisions.

I believe fans of this series will be happy with Ride the Fire. While it was still a steamy romance I did feel it was probably the least hawt story in the series. Jo Davis chose to stir this couple in a different direction by putting the main focus on the huddlers Eve and Sean faced rather their the sex scenes. It worked! I found myself both loving Sean and hating him, which made him an extremely believable character. I loved how Eve stood her ground on many things in this story without making her come off as a uncaring woman.

This book had something for everyone
My Rating: 4 stars

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Stephanie said...

I have thus far avoided firefighter themed romances because they have SUCH potential for cheesiness. Gotta use this hose to put out the fire...

Anywho, after I read your teaser yesterday, I am VERY interested in this series.