Monday, January 17, 2011

The Town: Movie Review

The Town:
125 minutes

Career bank robber Doug (Ben Affleck) and his volatile partner, Jim (Jeremy Renner), hit a roadblock when Doug falls for bank manager Claire (Rebecca Hall), whom he kidnapped during their last heist. Worse, an FBI agent (Jon Hamm) is now trailing the thieves around their Charlestown, Mass., territory. Affleck directs and co-writes this smart, intricate actioner that co-stars Blake Lively as Krista, Jim's sister and Doug's troubled former flame.


Favorite Line(s): "I just wanted you to remember who clipped your nuts first."

The Town is a well rounded film, disturbingly wonderful ( Nuns with guns)! The Town is a "heist" film on one side, but on the other side of the coin you have layers of character and conflict. The Town is a solid robbery film. It has some great action with adrenaline pumping car chases and shoot outs. The Town also has a good drama side to it.The chemistry between Doug and Clair is realistic and heart felt. Well acted by a great cast and well directed and adapted to the screen by Affleck.

My Rating: Solid 4 stars

Cast: Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner

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Anonymous said...

One of my favourite movies watched in 2010 by far. The characters were fantastic. I love action movies with heart.