Sunday, August 8, 2010

Reading Challenges 2010 - Progress Report:

Below you will see how I am doing with my current reading challenges. I must say that I was more ahead of my game last year but this pregnancy is whipping me out and that is my story and I am sticking to it!

Pages read in 2010: 16562 / 25000 pages
Once Upon a Time Challenge: 1/5
100+ Reading Challenge: 46/100
1st in the Series: 7/20
The Second Challenge: 11/20
Finish that Series: 3/10
Romance Reading Challenge: 39/40
Historical Challenge: 17/20
Support Your Library: 35/100
What's in a Name 3: 3/6
Vampire Diary Challenge: 4/5
Sookie Stackhouse: 11/11 COMPLETED!
Young Adult: 1/25
Harlequin Reading Challenge: 1/6
Time Travel: 4/5

I didn't realize I was so far behind in the young adult reading challenge, as soon as I read these next 5 books I am going to hammer out so young adult books! Any suggestions????

How are you doing with your reading challenges?

P.S. You can view all challenges on the right hand side of my blog

Until next time...
Happy Reading!

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