Friday, April 2, 2010

Carnal Gift: Review

Carnal Gift
by Pamela Clare

" I expect you to show my friend just how grateful you are. Your willingness is everything."

With those harsh words, the hated Sasanach earl decided Brighid's fate: Her body and her virginity were to be offered up to a stranger in exchange for her brother's life. Possessing nothing but her innocence and her fierce Irish pride, she had no choice but to comply.

But the handsome man she faced in the darkened bedchamber was not at all the monster she expected. His green eyes seemed to see inside her. His tender touch calmed her fears while he swore he would protect her by merely pretending to claim her. And as the long hours of the night passed by, as her senses ignited at the heat of their naked flesh, she made a startling discovery: Sometimes the line between hate and love can be dangerously thin.

First Line: Brighid Ni Maelsechnaill put the bacon and oatcakes on the table, her heart humming with excitement.

My Review: I was drawn right away to this books because of it's strong roots to Ireland ( and we all know how proud I am of my Irish roots). Brighid as not had an easy life and just when she feels she is ready to go out and take on the world, said world is turned upside down and shows no signs of ever being right again. Jamie is the ideal hero, he is what fantasty are made of. Strong, smart, handsome and fights for the good side! This story introduces to you to a family that would do anything for each other, anything!

My Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

368 pages

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