Monday, January 18, 2010

Educating Gina

Educating Gina
by Debbi Rawlins

Mike Mason loves his job but when he's left showing the city to the bosses niece Gina he wonders how long he'll have it. Not only is Gina ready for big city fun but she brought a warddrobe that her parents would never approve of.She's a temptation he's not sure he can handle especially after being celibate for so long. Especially when she makes it clear that she wants to shake her catholic school girl image and learn everything about sex that Mike is willing to teach.

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My Review: I picked th is book up because I needed a Harlequin novel with a name in the title and this was the first one I saw on the racks at the library. I am glad I picked it up. It was fun, fast and easy read! I found this book to be mild for a Harlequin Blaze novel.

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pages: 256

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