Monday, December 7, 2009

It's in the Eyes: Review

It's In The Eyes
by Charles Toftoy


It's spring in Washington, DC - a beautiful time of year in the nation's capital, yet its citizens are uneasy. Their heightened restlessness is reminiscent of the recent 9/11, sniper, and anthrax scares. But this time the enemy is a psychopathic killer responsible for the deaths of four local university co-eds - raping and murdering them using rituals practiced by the Thuggees, killers for the Goddess Kali who were responsible for the deaths of more than two million travelers in India in the 17th and 18th centuries.

It's up to Lars Neilsen, a college professor and part-time sleuth, and his highly skilled Alpha Team to find out who is committing these atrocious murders. But Lars and his team are in for a few nasty surprises along the way...

Wow! Really... wow!

First off, let me admit that this is not normally a genre I would pick up because well, to be frank... I scare easily! Don't laugh, it's true. You are laughing at me, right? I have a wild imagination without if being fueled so I tend to stay clear of anything that might fuel my imagination. After reading this book I wonder how many fantastic books I am missing out on because of this trait.

This novel was like sitting on pins and needles, could NOT put it down. Add to this wonderful plot some colorful characters and you have yourself a 5 star book.

I remember reading the note Charles Toftoy sent with the book saying he was told the book read like a movie, well he is right ( as are the people who told him this in the first place). Big screen, maybe... sequel forsure. Keep your eyes open!

Until next time...
Happy Reading!

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