Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On my Wishlist (1): 11/11/09

This is something new that is going on over at Book Chick City.
Every week I am going to list a few of my books on my wishlist, trust me you only want me to list a few each week, otherwise this post would never end.

Could you all do me a favor? Great! If you have read a book that is on my wishlist can you tell me your thoughts on it, or link me to the review? This way I can decide if the book needs to be moved up on my wishlist, or taken off of it all together! Thanks my dear readers, you all rock!

I am going to list a book per section in my book folder

And Only to Deceive by Tasha Alexander:
In this charming late Victorian romantic suspense novel, Emily, a young and beautiful widow, regrets her husband's African hunting expedition death less than is proper. The late Philip, Viscount Ashton, had a passion for classical antiquity, and Emily, in an attempt to get to know her husband postmortem, uses her newfound independence in London to study it. In the process, she forms a friendship with Cecile du Lac, a Parisian of a certain age, and realizes that there was more to Philip than she realized—including his genuine passion and love for her. The charming Colin Hargreaves may have been involved with Philip in art forgeries, and Andrew Palmer proposes to Emily and then offers evidence that Philip is still alive. By this time, Emily and Cecile are a well-practiced team of amateur sleuths: Phillip's secrets begin to emerge, and travel to Greece provides the possibilities of a new life.

Real Vampires Have Curves by Gerry Bartlett:
Plus-sized vampire Glory St. Claire has a new business venture and an old, on-off boyfriend. Blade wants to protect her from the techno-freak vampire hunter stalking the streets of Austin, but it's time for Glory to explore her own powers.

An Undeniable Rogue by Annette Blair:
Widowed, penniless Sabrina Whitcomb isn't looking for romance. What she needs is a husband, and she knows well enough that romance and matrimony aren't always compatible. While providing for her twins and the child she now carries is paramount, wedding a virtual stranger--even a wealthy one, like Gideon St. Goddard, Duke of Stanthorpe--is no light matter. Sabrina knows the friend who arranged the union would not promise her to a true scoundrel, but one look at her future husband convinces her that he is a shameless rogue. A shockingly handsome and desirable one, at that. Why has he agreed to marry her? When Gideon flashes that wicked, seductive smile, the reason hardly matters, but the chance that he'll steal her heart becomes all too real...

Chick Lit:
Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern:
Contrivance and a multitude of sitcom mixups drive Ahern's fifth novel. When Joyce Conway gets a blood transfusion after a tragic accident that caused her to miscarry, she strangely picks up the memories of her donor. Upon release from the hospital, she moves in with her father to try to cope with her impending divorce and the loss of her baby, but ends up instead on a wild goose chase after feeling a connection with a mysterious, smoldering stranger in a hair salon.

Until we Reach Home by Lynn Austin:
In 1897, the promise of the gold-paved streets of America can heal the broken hearts and lives of orphans Elin, Kirsten and Sofia Carlson, if only they survive the transatlantic trip from Sweden. Family secrets—ranging from the disgrace of suicide to shameful relations—churn like the ocean itself during a two-week crossing, only to haunt the girls after they reach Ellis Island. From the first sighting of Lady Liberty through their travails to reach a newly rebuilt Chicago, the girls discover their strengths, a variety of new acquaintances and, most importantly, each other. And while they quickly experience the immigrant's harsh realities, they also find a way to make a life in their new world.

Young Adult
Death imitates art in Davis's playful debut about crime novelist and wisecracking interracial Bay Area hipster Sophie Katz, who possesses either an overactive imagination or a keen awareness of criminal behavior patterns. When rapper JJ Money and the movie producer interested in optioning Sophie's novel both die in scenes lifted from their respective works, Sophie is the only one who sees the connection. Soon, it seems someone is reenacting the ominous details (vandalized car, crank calls, mysteriously broken wine glass) of her bestseller, and she fears that she's the next target. Sophie turns a suspicious eye on sexy bad-boy Russian-Israeli Anatoly Darinsky: he's either a homicidal stalker or prime boyfriend material. When the San Francisco police scoff at Sophie's suspicions, the plucky writer turned amateur sleuth enlists her less-than-intrepid circle of friends; drawn in broad strokes, they include gay hairstylist Marcus, clueless wallflower Mary Ann and savvy sex-toy aficionado Dena.

A part of me is scared to go around and see other's wish list, because that might mean mine will grow even bigger! I think it *might* be worth it, here I come... ha ha ha!

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Happy Reading!


Ambrosia Jefferson said...

I can help you out with my thoughts on And only to Deceive And I just started the second book in the set too. :)

Amy J - Book Addict said...

My wish list is never ending and now since reading your post I have to add more! LOL

Book Chick City said...

Hi Tena, thanks for joining On My Wishlist. I have read most of Cecelia Ahern's books, they are just brilliant and Thanks for the Memories is no exception, you should definitely bump it up the list! :)

Jennifer said...

I really enjoy the Sophie Katz series, so I would recommend them! I would classify them as chick lit and not YA, though! Cute, funny chick-litty mysteries. There are 4 of them published now.

Jo said...

The only book out of these that I know of is Thanks for the Memories, because my Mum read it. She said she liked it, it was a little far-fetched but it was a nice read :) Hope you enjoy your books when you get to read them!

Sharon said...

I really liked Thanks For the Memories.
My thoughts are here: