Sunday, October 25, 2009

In My Mail Box: 10/25/09

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It has been a slow week compared to last week. My mail man and UPS dude must be very happy!

All four books were sent to me for review, here they are....

The Transformation : A Project Restoration Novel --Can a good, hard-working Christian man disregard his cultural and religious admonitions—as well as his mother’s plans for his life—for the love of a woman and an historic church building?

Stretch Marks : A Novel by Kimberly Stuart--
Mia is a granola-eating, sensible shoe–wearing, carbon footprint–conscious twenty-something living in a multicultural neighborhood in Chicago. Her mother, Babs, is a stiletto-wearing Zsa Zsa Gabor type who works as an activities hostess on a Caribbean cruise line … and if you guessed there’s some tension there, you’d be right. Factor in an unexpected pregnancy and Mia’s idealistic boyfriend—Lars is such a visionary he doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage—and the mother-daughter relationship is, well, stretched very thin. As is Mia’s sanity when Babs shows up to … help.

Actually, Mia has a whole neighborhood of quirky characters who want to help, including her BFF Frankie, a magenta-haired librarian; Silas, the courtly gentleman of indeterminate age who lives downstairs; and Adam, proprietor of the corner grocery store where Mia shops. But it’s Adam—endearing, kind, possessed of a perfect smile and impeccable Persian manners—who ultimately charms Babs and rescues Mia from more than one mother-induced meltdown. Could it be that Mia and Babs might actually be able to get along?

With Kimberly Stuart’s trademark irreverent humor and a surprising and satisfying take on romance, Stretch Marks is an authentic but tender story about family, grace, and the importance of a good grocer.

The Bride Backfire by Kelly Eileen Hake --
Aim to spend plenty of delightful hours reading The Bride Backfire, a witty historical romance about two feuding families and a marriage of inconvenience.

In the Arms of Immortals: A Novel of Darkness and Light by Ginger Garrett --
The Black Death sweeps through a medieval Sicilian village…revealing old secrets, true character, and stunning spiritual realities.
When the Black Death and sweeps through a medieval Sicilian village, three women must face their true selves…and their eternal destinies.
In the time of the Black Death, when the faithful had no answers and the faithless had no hope…only the bravest dared cling to a silent God.

Until next time...
Happy Reading!


choco (In Which a Girl Reads) said...

Ooh, these books all look great :D

Happy Reading!

Alexia561 said...

Hadn't heard of any of these titles before, but they all look interesting. Especially In the Arms of Immortals, as the Black Death is always fascinating reading! Enjoy!

Nina said...

They do sound great. Never heard of the books before, but they look pretty. :) Enjoy reading them.