Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You all love me... I have proof!

Okay, I will give you all a bit to ohhhhhhhh awwwwwwwww over me......

That's enough, wouldn't want me to get a big head, would you? You would? Okay, one more time.... ohhhh awwwwwwww!

Really people we need to move on... ha ha ha! Anyways you can thank these two ladies for giving me a big head this morning.

The above beauty is from CC Chronicles.
The rule for the above award is simple to pass it on, love when rules are simple, because if they aren't I won't follow them, just call me the rebel book slut.

Ceri is the lovely lady who gave me the above award. The rules for this one are listed over on her blog, but see they got too long for me ( maybe I have gone from being a rebel book slut, to an ADD book slut)? Here are the rules in a nut shell, pass it to 5 people, be proud of you award and display it! Can you dig it?

Okay, so now I went from the OG Crazy Book slut, to the rebel book slut, to the book slut with ADD... we end with me just being a Lazy Book Slut, so if I tag you in this post, you get both awards... ohhhhh awww! Amazing I know!

Here is my list...



Seductive Musings

The Princess

I dub you all Book Sluts for the day, go forth and spread the love!

Until next time...
Happy Reading!


Ceri said...

Hehe Congrats on your awards ;-) You totally deserve to be big-headed. Your blog is awesome.

Tynga said...

Haha! Congrat girl and thank you for sharing the love =D

Shauna said...

Hi Tena, I should also thank you for giving the Blogosphere to Tynga who then gave it to me, so thanks to you both! :-) It means a lot and is fun to blog with you all! Also, Tena, thanks for the True Blood giveaway post too, I hopped on over there to comment. Hope to see you around in the bloggin' world!

Shauna said...

Hmmmm, I thought I posted a comment, but don't see it. Maybe you have to approve them first? Well, in case it didn't go through, I'll post again.

Congrats on your award and thanks for sending the Blogosphere to Tynga who then sent it to me. So thanks to you both! Happy blogging ladies!!

Also, thanks for the True Blood post I went over there too.

Through all that I found your blog and am now a new follower! I'm at Read~Write~Review, www.slkcivilrwr.blogspot.com if you'd like to stop by.