Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Breaking Dawn: Review

by Stephenie Meyer

In place of a review I have a question.... for those of you who have read the Twilight series, what order would you list them, most favorite to least favorite?

Here is mine...
1. Twilight
2. Breaking Dawn
3. Eclipse
4. New Moon

Just the same Breaking Dawn is getting 5 stars just like the others in the series and it falls into these reading challenges...
Until next time...
Happy Reading!


Lisa said...

Tena, I rank the Twight books slightly differently because I'm adding Midnight Sun. ;0).

1. Twight
2. Midnight Sun (a close second)
3. Breaking Dawn
4. Eclipse
5. New Moon (this one bored me, actually)

The Amazing Ernie J. said...

I really didn't care for the Twilight series. The writing was kinda half-assed and there wasn't enough conflict to make it interesting. They became more so as the series progressed.

Now, granted, I probably would have like it if I were 11 or 12.
Just not at 20.

I'm not a full blown Twilight hater, but I just don't see what all the hype is about.