Monday, August 17, 2009

Gone with the Witch: Review

(Triplet Witch Trilogy, Book 2)
by Annette Blair

" There's a Storm on the Way"...


Beautiful bad girl Storm Cartwright can be charming when she wants to be. So when she hears the sound of a baby crying every time she's near Aiden McCloud, she turns on the cahrm. Because she's sure the weeping means a child is in need-- and that the handsome antiques restorer is the key to finding that helpless child...

... In a Storm.

Fromt he start, Aiden is attracted to Storm. Yet this gorgeous goth girl won't stop talking baby nonsense. Then Storm sets up a seductive trap, kidnapping him in his very own RV! While Storm follows the sound of the cries, something magical starts happening between her and Aiden. But can they keep the magic alive once Storm finally finds what she's looking for?

This story will have you hooked from the moment handcuffs are brought into play. Get ready for a fast pace book that you will not want to put down!
Annette Blair has an act for drawling in her readers and keeping them on their toes with the fun twists her stories take. Gone with the Witch is no different than the others, huge success!

I of course give this book 5 stars and it falls into these reading challenges...

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9780425221211
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 304pp
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Pub. Date: May 2008
Sales Rank: 10,146
Witch Triplets Series

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