Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Tudors:

Have you all realized that I am a fan of Historical books? Well the same can be said for movies/t.v shows. My new obession is The Tudors on Showtime. Hot! Hot!

Henry was never intended for the throne of England. However, the death of his older brother Arthur at the age of 15 and his taking of his dead brother's bride, propelled the young prince into the limelight and laid the foundations for one of the most spectacular reigns in English history. The young Henry VIII was an artist, musician, theologian and sportsman — the perfect Renaissance prince — but the failure of his first wife Katherine of Aragon to produce a male heir brought out his darker side. Henry could be cruel and capricious, using arbitrary execution as an instrument of Royal policy. In his bid to produce an heir, he would dismantle the established church in England, loot its posessions, and set himself up as an absolute monarch. By the time of his death, his desire to maintain his own magnificent dynasty had seen him marry six times, deplete the nation's coffers, and cut a swath through the English nobility. Yet a new age had been born in the fires of change and through the years had transformed a Renaissance prince into a sickly, overweight tyrant, his rule marked a sea-change in the fortunes of England.

I am late in getting into this show, so I am not up to date and need to get moving on catching up before the new season starts on the 5th of April. King Baboon and I will do our best to get caught up this week.

You all know the story of King Henry Vlll, see it in an all new light!
5 smoking stars for this series!!!
Plus, added bonus for the fact that Peter O Toole is in a few episodes! I love me some Peter O Toole.

P.S. Have you all noticed this site has gone from just reviewing books, to reviewing movies and shows as well??? All falls into the same group in my eyes, hope you all enjoy!

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Happy Reading!


TheChicGeek said...

Hi Tena :) Nice review. I like the books and movies...I mean, it does take time to read books so there would be long pauses in between if we only did books.
Have a Great Day!

Ambrosia Jefferson said...

Great review. I have two seasons of the Tudors a friend gave me. I started watching but didnt get into it at the time. But I am in a much more Tudor frame of mind now. I think its time to try again.

Alaine said...

Hi Tena, my daughter and I love The Tudors as well, in fact I would say we are addicted! I agree, TV shows, moveis and books go hand in hand. Enjoyed your review.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been all that good about watching the show, but I loved season 1 & I'm trying to catch back up.