Thursday, February 19, 2009

SAHM I Am: Review

SAHM I Am by Meredith Efken

From Publishers Weekly

"Can a novel consisting entirely of e-mails be enjoyable faith fiction? Efken's charming, light debut offers a resounding and surprising "yes." Several stay-at-home moms (the "SAHM" of the title) from across the country become friends and confidantes through an e-mail chat group. Rosalyn Ebberly is the self-righteous moderator (her prov31woman@ e-mail address is a tip-off) who, although exaggerated, will be recognizable to anyone who has ever regularly attended church. Some mothers rebel against her judgmental and self-glorifying e-mails by starting a subversive alternative e-mail loop, humorously dubbed "Green Eggs and Ham." The problems they chat about are familiar: the unfortunately named Dulcie Huckleberry is frustrated by her husband's long absences on business; Zelia Muzuwa is an artist whose creative home-schooling isn't going over well with her more structured husband; Phyllis Lorimer is a pastor's wife dealing with a demanding congregation. The flow between e-mails is surprisingly smooth, and the characters well developed through their correspondence. Efken keeps the mood light, although she's not afraid to tackle serious topics such as infertility, marital difficulties and chronic illness. Christian readers will savor this fresh entrée and likely want to start e-mail loops of their own".

From the back cover:
For the members of a stay-at-home-moms' e-mail loop, lunch with friends is a sandwich in front of the computer. But where else could they discuss things like...

Success: Her workaholic husband is driving Dulcie Huckleberry around the bend. It's hard to love someone in sickness and in health when he's never home!

Art: Let the children express themselves, opines artistic Zelia Muzuwa, and then her son's head gets stuck inside a kitty scratching post . . .

Health: Surely aches and pains are normal in an active little boy, yet those of soccer-mom Jocelyn Millard's son don't seem to be going away.

Motherhood: Teen-mom-turned-farmer's-wife Brenna Lindberg can deal with the mud and the chickens, but what about her husband's desire for a child of his own?

Indiscretions: However youthful, they can come back to haunt you, learns pastor's wife Phyllis Lorimer.

Amends: These could stand to be made between officious list moderator Rosalyn Ebberly and her pampered sister, Veronica. Perhaps the other SAHM I AMers can teach these two something about sisterhood.

This book was lend to me by a friend, a friend that I happen to be in an email loop with... are you seeing a trend here? How could I not read this book, it seems like it was a semi mirror imagine of my life! It does raise the question, is the person we are online, the same person we are in our day to day lives? Are friendships any less real if they are formed via email loops?

This book as it all, humor, heartache, real challenges that real people face in the everyday world! Witty and fun!

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

This book falls into these challenges, take a peak and see how I am doing on the challenges.

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Book Lover Lisa said...

I also thought this book had a lot going for it. Definitely characters and situations I could relate to. Lots of humour, and made me think.

naida said...

sounds like a fun read :o)