Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bare with me...

I am trying to re-do my blog so it has the 3rd row, but now the color is off! I am the worst at anything techinal about making a web page, so it might take some time. Also I need to add all my blogs that I follow, I have not given anyone the boot!
Until next time...
Happy reading


Elizabeth Bonds said...

I am a Graphic Designer, and have been since 1995, and even I have a hard time with blogger's third column. I know CSS, HTML, PHP, and Java Script like the back of my hand. However, google has set templates up really complicated on their blogger. There are a lot of templates on how to make your blogspot a third column, but most of them suggest you finding a free template already made and then change images and colors in the template to the colors and images you like.

Also, I have both of your buttons on my blog and I noticed you follow me. If you wanted to post a button of mine on your new blog, I'd love that :o)

P.S. - I love the new header!

kel said...

I can't figure out the third column either!! Help!

Anonymous said...

Steve has been studying this stuff and listed a couple of books that really helped him. He redid mine from a generic Blogger template. He asked if I wanted that third column and I said no. I like a seriously simple design, so he toned it down for me. When I get all the reviews posted for December, the books he reviewed will be on there. Be on the lookout. Most of the ones he reviewed were found at the library.