Friday, November 28, 2008

About Us:

Hello, my name is Tena and I am a crazy book slut! I read to escape and go on adventures.

I never leave the house without a book or 2... never! You can take this to Vegas and let it ride.... the books are romance ones!

Outside of this blog and my love of books, I am a wife to King Baboon ( just celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary) and I am the mommy to 4 boys... A.K.A. The Punky Monkey's.

Ask away, I am an open book!

{ pun totally intended}

Hello, my name is Allison. I have been reading books non-stop since I learned how to read. I started with The Baby-Sitter's Club. Now I read everything under the sun. My husband LOVES that I always have a book with me (insert some sarcasm)
In real life I am wife to Rooster and mom to my chicks. I have known Tena since high school and am so happy I get to be a part of this blog. If you want to get to know my life in my chicken coop come on over to 3 Chicks and a Rooster!

Until next time...

Happy Reading!

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